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Bush & Company provides highly customized advisory services to companies and individuals.

For Individuals

Our personalized approach to each client ensures that we are creating financial and estate plans which address their individual goals and desires in ways that make sense to them and reflect their values.

For the young professional or entrepreneur, we focus initially on educating them around risk management issues including potential needs for health, life and disability income insurance; personal property, casualty and liability insurance; investment management and general financial and estate planning principles. We provide access to specialists in all of these areas both in house and through our network of best-in-class alliances.

For the person in midlife or approaching retirement, we do strategic planning around how to best prepare for retirement and legacy planning. This incorporates an ongoing review/analysis of their evolved goals and objectives; qualified retirement plans and non qualified investment account(s); insurance portfolio (including life and possibly long-term care); personal income and capital gains tax planning and their estate plan.

Money creates it’s own challenges

For many clients, of any age, who have had significant financial success, or simply good fortune, we engage around the unique challenges that wealth brings. Some of those challenges are around making wise and informed decisions about things, which often are not addressed or even on their radar. For example:

  • Preparing your children for significant amounts of money is a challenge. We work with people who have been researching and counselling in that specific field with great success for many years.
  • Addressing the questions, such as “how much is enough” and “when do we tell them what they’re worth?”
  • Helping clients and their children deal with “identity” issues arising from having substantial wealth and often the influence or ability.
  • Dealing with distribution issues in your estate planning documents in more thoughtful ways than “off the shelf” plans may have done.

What Next?!

For many, building wealth through a corporate or professional career or perhaps running a family company, is the easy and fun part. By comparison, the idea of retirement is...terrifying.

We counsel people, often beginning in mid career, around how they can employ their time, gifts, skills and/or financial resources to become “impact investors” in arenas which may or may not be directly related to their vocational careers. By becoming passionate about some new interest in their later work years, we’ve helped clients and friends make differences in hundreds of lives, make new connections with their own children and grandchildren and add purpose and quality years to their own lives. At the same time, many have become teachers to ensuing family generations about the uses and responsibilities of wealth.

Creating and Preserving Wealth

  • Financial Planning: We help clients map out their long-term goals and income needs and use this information to develop criteria for their investment strategy
  • Asset Allocation: We develop an asset allocation that best fits the client’s financial planning requirements in the context of appropriate risk management*
  • Investing: We deploy the client’s assets in best-of-breed investment products in keeping with their asset allocation, and provide ongoing adjustments, performance monitoring and reporting.
  • Tax Planning: Tax planning is an essential part of any investment program. The adage “it’s not what you make - it’s what you keep” says it all. We help clients devise tax-efficient investment strategies and plan for the impact of taxes on their portfolios and lifestyles.

Living Abundantly

  • Maximizing the Benefits of Your Assets: By integrating personal, family, business, tax and philanthropic goals and strategies, we help clients maximize the benefits of their assets for themselves, their loved ones and the causes they believe in.
  • Making the Most of Retirement: We help clients clarify their retirement goals and make smart decisions around how they spend time, money and energy during the “second half of life”
  • Family Governance & Wealth Psychology: We help families understand the perspectives and motivations of each individual involved, address interpersonal conflicts, and establish a framework for communicating around and making decisions about money and other important family issues. These issues can include: the benefits and responsibilities of wealth, estate planning, inheritance, philanthropy and elder care services
  • Effective Philanthropy: We help clients clarify the philanthropic impact they hope to have on the world, and identify the best way forward for implementing this vision
  • Trust and Estate Planning: We help families plan for eventual wealth transfer in thoughtful ways that take into account both big picture values and goals, as well as practical considerations such as tax optimization and administrative simplicity

For Companies

From early stage startups to mature companies preparing to harvest the results of their efforts and innovation, we provide extensive experience working at all levels. Different stage companies require different strategies. From the initial stages of innovation, to attracting capital and talent in order to take a product or service to market, client needs change and inevitably issues arise that company founders are not prepared to address alone.

Bush & Company is your company’s planning concierge ready to connect your leadership with our knowledge and experience in order to address each individual issue, including:

Early Stage Companies

  • Employee benefits (health, dental, disability income, pet insurance, etc)
  • Retirement programs (401k, 403b, profit sharing, etc)
  • Key person coverage
  • Liability (including D&O, property and casualty, etc)
  • Shareholder Succession/transition planning (in the event of death, disability or departure)
  • Estate planning 101 (and why it matters at this stage)

Growth/Mature Stage Companies

  • Compensation planning to retain key employees and top performers
  • Developing business plans in the event of an owner’s death or serious disability
  • Business valuations**
  • Work with mid-level to senior leadership to help with financial planning including funding retirement and education
  • Estate planning for owners to help ensure growth of the corporate asset isn’t happening in the wrong places
  • Reviewing and updating employee benefit and retirement plans

Transfer/Harvest-Stage Companies

  • Analyze sale versus continuity
  • Valuation**
  • Retirement income strategy for management
  • Estate planning 501 (pre-sale opportunities which may not exist post-sale)
  • Execution of transition strategy
  • Family governance education/communication (helping prepare the family for the money versus only preparing the money for the family)
  • Review of legacy and charitable giving strategies as part of family governance and tax planning
  • Pre/post sale career and life counseling for long term owner/managers
  • Review of post-sale health insurance and retirement planning

* Asset Allocation neither assures a profit nor protects against loss in a declining market
** Business Valuation offered through Bush & Company is strictly intended to give you an idea of where you currently stand and how it related to your financial plan/strategy. Our Business Valuation is not for tax or potential selling purposes.